11Baker, GaryEntertaining the Troops8.5
11Baker, GaryAero Superbatic, Wing Walkers8
21Baker, GaryRutting Calls10
21Baker, GaryWakeboarding Tricks: The Monkey Spin9.5
11Banks, SteveThe Man in the Alleyway9.5
11Banks, SteveThe View from Within, Karauli Palace Rajasthan8
21Banks, SteveFly Agaric9
21Banks, SteveGray Langar, India8.5
12Barrett, SimonSunrise at Oxbow Bend10
22Barrett, SimonA Teton Mirror9.5
11Bryan, FrancisBluebells9.5
11Bryan, FrancisBushfire10
21Bryan, FrancisCaravan Cornucopia8.5
21Bryan, FrancisWizened8.5
21Burns, ChristineGentle Woodland8
11Campbell, ChristineGreenfinch Landing10
11Campbell, ChristineIndian Bridal Beauty10
21Campbell, ChristineIndian I-Spy9
21Campbell, ChristineSnowy Owl Preparing to Land9
12Colclough, MattAir Time8
12Colclough, MattPest Control8
22Colclough, MattBlue Spray7.5
22Colclough, MattScaffolding for Cinnabar8
12Downe, ShareenBee on Sunflower10
12Downe, ShareenCones and Roses10
22Downe, ShareenEastbourne Marina10
22Downe, ShareenGnarly Stump9.5
12Ellis, FintanAnother Kimmeridge Bay7.5
12Ellis, FintanFarnborough Hub9.5
22Ellis, FintanThe Aviator Hotel9
22Ellis, FintanTin Church9.5
11Fieldgate, ColinSukhol Su-27P 'Flanker' RIAT 20198.5
11Fieldgate, ColinWakeboarder Catches Air9
21Fieldgate, ColinBlue Tit (Cyanistes Caeruleus)9.5
21Fieldgate, ColinCar Chase Heroes, Thruxton10
12Foote, GrahamOver the Rise8.5
12Foote, GrahamShades of Green9
22Foote, GrahamA Quiet Corner of Dartmouth10
22Foote, GrahamSmile Please10
22Holmes, NigelClevedon Pier9
22Holmes, NigelReflected Glory9
11Howe, BrianA Greater Road Runner10
11Howe, BrianCity of Arts and Sciences, Valencia9
21Howe, BrianKimmeridge Sunset9.5
21Howe, BrianUrsus Maritimus10
12Jenkins, JohnBembridge Dawn8
12Jenkins, JohnColemore - Hampshire Heritage Church7.5
22Jenkins, JohnBembridge Dawn8.5
22Jenkins, JohnScotney8.5
11Lofthouse, AlastairFull Moon Wreck6.5
11Lofthouse, AlastairSaunton Sands6.5
21Lofthouse, AlastairAspen Trees8.5
21Lofthouse, AlastairBlea Tarn10
11Martin, MargaretPeonies8
11Martin, MargaretImpressions of Fez8
12McKeever, DennisCrater Rhino7.5
12McKeever, DennisGalway Hookers9.5
22McKeever, DennisCordoba Contemplation7.5
22McKeever, DennisEdge of the World8.5
11Morris, RitaReflection of the Royal Pavilion8
11Morris, RitaSea shell on the sea shore8.5
21Morris, RitaSalou, Spain8
21Morris, RitaTeasel7
11Newton, KeithCurious Rhino Calf, Tala Game Reserve, South Africa7
11Newton, KeithMeadow Maiden7.5
21Newton, KeithBesotho Tribesman, South Africa8
21Newton, KeithDank Day in Vicenza7.5
11Oudkerk, FrederickReflections on water7.5
11Oudkerk, FrederickWest Wittering Sunset - ICM8
21Oudkerk, FrederickBeneath the Pier9
12Paice, AllanOld Viz.8
22Paice, AllanThe Street at Whitstable8
22Plant, DavidGeorge Benson - In Concert8
22Plant, DavidIt’s About Time8.5
11Smith, SimonChasing Rainbows8
11Smith, SimonHigh Speed Wake Boarding8
21Smith, SimonAutumnal Acers, Virginia Water8
21Smith, SimonCatapult Launch, Lasham8.5
12Tatman, PerryContemplation7
12Tatman, PerryWoodland Rut8
22Tatman, PerryAn Honourable Man8
22Tatman, PerrySteel Web10
11Taylor, KeithKilldeer8.5
11Taylor, KeithPower of the Sea8.5
21Taylor, KeithConvex Reflection8
21Taylor, KeithWind Tunnel Tour7.5
11Trendell, DerekFighting Zebras9.5
11Trendell, DerekShapes and Shadows7.5
21Trendell, DerekDaylight Robbery9
21Trendell, DerekHot African Sunset10
11Trigg, JohnSteps at Osterley House8
11Trigg, JohnThinking in the Box7
21Trigg, JohnDo you think we will ever get out of Europe?8
21Trigg, JohnLook Out Below!9
12Webb, RuthSaga Tour Guides, Vietnam8
12Webb, RuthSpices7.5
11West, AlanNorthern Gannets9.5
11West, AlanPuffin on the Run9
21West, AlanImpalas at the Waterhole9.5
21West, AlanLittle Bee Eater8.5
31Martin, MargaretA Wet Night in Venice9.5
31Trigg, John18 Years, Flower once, Die. That's Life!7
31Baker, GaryA Powerful Performance In Pink9.5
31Lofthouse, AlastairAlone8
31Fieldgate, ColinAlong Came a Blackbird8
31Banks, SteveAn Alleyway in Ostuni, Italy8.5
31Oudkerk, FrederickBroad Bodied Chaser Dragonfly9
31Howe, BrianCalf Roping9
31Smith, SimonChinese cook through the window9
31Fieldgate, ColinComing Through9
31Banks, SteveDon’t Poke the Snake, Son.8.5
31Howe, BrianDurdle Door9
31Taylor, KeithEuropa Point Gibraltar8
31West, AlanFallow Stag on the Run8.5
31Taylor, KeithGarden Spider (Araneus diadematus)9.5
31Morris, RitaGirl8
31Martin, MargaretGonolas in the Rain10
31Bryan, FrancisLife returns to the quarry8.5
31West, AlanLioness Grooming. Madikwe7
31Newton, KeithLisa8.5
31Bryan, FrancisLlyn Dinas, Snowdonia9.5
31Campbell, ChristineLook what I have got for you8
31Smith, SimonLooking for her next job9.5
31Baker, GaryMale Greater Spotted Woodpecker8
31Burns, ChristineMeditation8.5
31Lofthouse, AlastairRainbow over Langdale8
31Oudkerk, FrederickReflections, A Different Angle8
31Newton, KeithRe-wolding of Southwood Golf Course7
31Morris, RitaRobin8
31Campbell, ChristineWaiting and Watching10
31Trigg, JohnWake Boarding8
31Trendell, DerekVervet Monkey and Young9
31Trendell, DerekBamburgh Castle8
32Holmes, NigelAbandoned at Pin Mill9.5
32Barrett, SimonAgeing Hands - A Study7.5
32Foote, GrahamAutumn Forest8
32Foote, GrahamBeggar Man9
32Ellis, FintanBilly's Garage8.5
32Jenkins, JohnBosham Sunset9
32McKeever, DennisBuffalo Soldiers7
32Colclough, MattEncyclopaedia Chromatica7.5
32Downe, ShareenFly on Flower7
32Paice, AllanGolden Eagle8.5
32Ellis, FintanHitler's Olympic Stadium7
32Jenkins, JohnLeadenhall Christmas10
32Wehrle, AdrianLeopards Lair10
32Plant, DavidOn the Prowl8
32Wehrle, AdrianPower of a Wave8.5
32McKeever, DennisStunning Starling8
32Colclough, MattUn Rendez-Vous8
32Holmes, NigelWhat to Wear8.5
32Plant, DavidWhere is everybody8
32Downe, ShareenWindswept8.5
41Martin, MargaretA Quiet night in Venice8.5
41West, AlanAntarctic Tern Chasing a Brown Skua8.5
41Morris, RitaBald Eagle8.5
41Baker, GaryBritish Touring Cars Thruxton9.5
41Burns, ChristineCeramic Artist8
41Bryan, FrancisColourful Seascape9.5
41Oudkerk, FrederickContra-jour7
41Lofthouse, AlastairCrow Point Sunrise6.5
41Banks, SteveElephant Taxi, Jaipur10
41Trigg, JohnEvacuee8
41Smith, SimonFalling through the Trees8
41Smith, SimonHampstead Heath Pergola6.5
41Oudkerk, FrederickHitching a Ride7.5
41Campbell, ChristineIndian Bride8.5
41Campbell, ChristineKelp Gull with shellfish lunch7.5
41Trendell, DerekOn the Danube8.5
41Morris, RitaPortchester Castle6.5
41Burns, ChristinePrecious Toy7
41Fieldgate, ColinPretty in Pink7
41Trendell, DerekPuffin Pursuit7.5
41Banks, StevePunjabi Gentleman8
41Newton, KeithSceptre enroute to the Needles7.5
41Martin, MargaretSea and Sky8
41Trigg, JohnSpring at Saville Gardens7
41Baker, GaryStorm Force7.5
41Newton, KeithThe confidence of youth8
41Fieldgate, ColinThe Leader9
41Howe, BrianValencia No310
41Bryan, FrancisWalk to Bat's Head8
41Lofthouse, AlastairWheels in Motion9
41Howe, BrianYellow Eyelash Viper10
41West, AlanYoung Elephant Seals9.5
42Foote, GrahamA Busy street in Casablanca.8.5
42Colclough, MattA Careful Workman8
42Ellis, FintanBruges at Night9.5
42Jenkins, JohnCheapside Deco10
42Jenkins, JohnFreshwater Bay7.5
42Foote, GrahamHandle with care - coz I Bite!7.5
42Downe, ShareenIron cross on the beach7
42Holmes, NigelLeith Hill8
42Ellis, FintanPointy Building9
42Barrett, SimonReflection In The Mist7.5
42McKeever, DennisSitting Setter8
42Downe, ShareenSparkling Bulb10
42Barrett, SimonTaggart Lake9
42McKeever, DennisWelford Beech Wood Snowdrops8
42Paice, AllanOn Target7
42Paice, AllanSmall Morcel8