1Howe, BrianOl' Rusty8
1Wheeler, RichardIn Need of Restoration8
1Harris, RobertG B K D R7.5
1Taylor, KeithShould have gone to Specsavers8.5
1Oudkerk, FrederickThe Bank Statement8.5
1Dutton, KerryEsso can with tulips10
1Campbell, ChristineK reflections8.5
1Treen, MalcolmA van full of French Letter8
1Dutton, KerryTulip9.5
1Newton, KeithMG MSU 7438.5
1Morris, RitaNumbers in letters8
1Banks, SteveThe Answer to Life, the Universe and everything10
1Morris, RitaCanine9.5
1Paice, AllanVintage Remington9.5
1Oudkerk, FrederickThe Book of Numbers10
1Bryan, FrancisLegal Tender8.5
1Tatman, Perry123'8.5
1Harris, RobertLargest clock face in Europe 8.7 meters7
1Wheeler, RichardReflections on a Steam Train10
1Morley, PhilSubway Waterloo8
1Vahgatsi, JohnI Amsterdam8
1Derlacki, PaulNo mess here then8
1Newton, KeithLoco 5068
1Downe, ShareenMeter Reading8.5
1Treen, MalcolmOne truck on ice with letters8
1Downe, ShareenScrabbled7
2Banks, SteveAnticipation10
2Morris, RitaArachnophobia7
2Derlacki, PaulBushfire haze over Sydney8.5
2Downe, ShareenConfused8
2Dutton, KerryContentment10
2Jenkins, JohnDisturbed8
2Bryan, FrancisExuberance8.5
2Lofthouse, AlastairGone Fishing9
2Derlacki, PaulIt is the 15 January 2020 and Summer on Manley Beach8
2Taylor, KeithJoyfull reunion10
2Bryan, FrancisJubilance8.5
2Lofthouse, AlastairLast Train8
2Morris, RitaMixed emotions8
2Howe, BrianMr Angry8
2Downe, ShareenMummy will it bite me8
2Smith, SimonNervous hope8
2Newton, KeithPleading for her present7
2Howe, BrianRelief9
2Dutton, KerrySay cheeeese.8
2Oudkerk, FrederickSiblings Endearing Moment8
2Morley, PhilThe embrace8.5
2Jenkins, JohnTranquility _ Blue Hour Bosham8
2Wheeler, RichardYou Make Me Laugh7