1Taylor, Keith2 Many Peas7.5
1Oudkerk, FrederickA Simple Snack8.5
1Campbell, ChristineBringing Lunch Home8.5
1Banks, SteveCheese and Wine10
1Trigg, JohnChips with Everything10
1Taylor, KeithHot Dawg!7.5
1Morley, PhilIndian Street Food10
1Howe, BrianKeel-billed Toucan9.5
1Morley, PhilLes Crepes10
1Tatman, PerryLight Supper8.5
1McKeever, DennisMadiqwe Morsel8.5
1Howe, BrianMexican Ground Squirrel with Nut10
1Tatman, PerryPasta No 79
1Trigg, JohnSausage Anyone?8
1Paice, AllanSomething Different9
1Downe, ShareenStaple Diet9.5
1Newton, KeithWho wants the last Grape?8
1Smith, SimonYateley Market's very first Customer8.5
2Trigg, JohnDancing to the Music9.5
2Collier, KateHarpsichord at Mottisfont7.5
2Paice, AllanIs Anyone Listening8
2Smith, SimonJaz on the Lawn7.5
2Smith, SimonJoanna has seen better times8
2Morley, PhilLive Music Gig10
2Collier, KateNorthern Lights Cathedral Organ, Alta, Norway7
2Oudkerk, FrederickPiano Playing at St. Pancras7
2Colclough, MattThe Colour of Magic7.5
2Oudkerk, FrederickThe Crescendo8.5
2Banks, SteveThe Lost Chord8.5
2Trigg, JohnThe Music goes round and round.8
2Morley, PhilThe underground Busker10
2Newton, KeithMemories of Making Music7.5
2Newton, KeithHillbillies Play Aldershot7.5
2Morris, RitaGuitar Player8.5
2Taylor, KeithBurnished Brass9.5
2Taylor, KeithThe Trumpet Player8