11Amor, MoyaAfter the Kill8
21Amor, MoyaAutumn Joy7
21Amor, MoyaGood Tackle7
31Amor, MoyaAn Autumn Morning on the Golf Course7.5
31Amor, MoyaBoy Racer9.5
41Amor, MoyaReflections7.5
41Amor, MoyaShadows on the Pier8.5
51Amor, MoyaStop me if you can!9
51Amor, MoyaWhiskers8
61Amor, MoyaFlying Without Wings9.5
61Amor, MoyaTails Up!9.5
12Baker, GaryBosham, Seagull, Sunset7.5
12Baker, GaryCastillo de Forna8.5
22Baker, GaryPink Lavender Button Dahlia10
22Baker, GaryThe Bridge At St. Germans7
32Baker, GaryBushy Park Stag9
32Baker, GaryPortland Storm Clouds8.5
42Baker, GaryBushy Park Rut10
42Baker, GaryThe Boathouse, Winkworth Arboretum7
52Baker, GaryThe Musketeer9
52Baker, GaryTriple White Moth Orchid10
62Baker, GaryMandarin Duck Reflection10
62Baker, GaryTulip, Pistol & Stamens10
11Banks, SteveBut Smoking is Allowed9
11Banks, SteveWorkhouse Encounter9.5
21Banks, SteveAbused by T-Shirts9
21Banks, SteveDerelict7
31Banks, SteveGuardian Angel8
31Banks, SteveMalshanger Lane8.5
41Banks, SteveMonty10
41Banks, SteveWelford Snowdrops9
51Banks, SteveEarly Morning in London9
51Banks, SteveWho Dares to Approach the Kelpie?7
61Banks, SteveAn Egyptian Goose in London7.5
61Banks, SteveOur Lady on Hastings Beach8.5
11Barrett, SimonStool Caught in Barn Sunlight8.5
21Barrett, SimonLast Leaves7.5
21Barrett, SimonWaiting for Harry Potter7
41Barrett, SimonThe Dead Tree7.5
41Barrett, SimonThrough to the Blue9.5
51Barrett, SimonHigh Key Teasel9.5
51Barrett, SimonSnowbound Swan8.5
61Barrett, SimonThe Wave of Remembrance8.5
61Barrett, SimonThree Bucks7.5
22Blakey, CliveLove Birds8.5
11Bryan, FrancisAbandoned Barn8.5
11Bryan, FrancisHeath Pond9
21Bryan, FrancisGoodwood Sculpture10
21Bryan, FrancisOctober8
31Bryan, FrancisDancing Light9.5
31Bryan, FrancisWyming Brook8.5
41Bryan, FrancisMillstone Edge8.5
41Bryan, FrancisTorrent8
51Bryan, FrancisFlying Home9.5
51Bryan, FrancisView to Clovelly10
61Bryan, FrancisA Splash of Tulips8
61Bryan, FrancisSandstone Foliage8
12Burns, ChristineAre They My Legs?8.5
12Burns, ChristineWater Dragon at Kew8.5
22Burns, ChristineCommunicating8.5
22Burns, ChristineLondon Scene7.5
32Burns, ChristineIris Foetidissima7.5
32Burns, ChristineTiger Moth9
42Burns, ChristineLightbulb Moment8.5
42Burns, ChristineUrban Wall7.5
52Burns, ChristineSoho8.5
52Burns, ChristineSouthbank7
62Burns, ChristineThe Best Medicine7
11Campbell, ChristineA Good Day's Retrieving8.5
11Campbell, ChristineGreat Thick Knee seated beside its nest, Sri Lanka8
21Campbell, ChristineOtter7.5
21Campbell, ChristineWorking Hard with Monty and Logie7
31Campbell, ChristinePas De Deux8
31Campbell, ChristineWaiting7.5
41Campbell, ChristineLeopard Cleaning and Sharpening Claws - Sabi Sands8
41Campbell, ChristineTea Dance8
51Campbell, ChristineContemplating Civil War8.5
51Campbell, ChristineReady to go Onstage10
61Campbell, ChristineI'm looking good8
61Campbell, ChristineMusket at the ready, fire8
12Collier, KateNo I don't do Sharing8.5
12Collier, KateSide Cars Isle of Mann Southern 1008
11Cranford, ChristineKite Surfing8.5
11Cranford, ChristineThe Finishing Touches9
21Cranford, ChristineMesmerized6.5
21Cranford, ChristineStrictly Come Halloween8.5
12Davies, LibbyMacro Feathers10
12Davies, LibbyWild Carrot Flower Head9
22Downe, ShareenSleep Time6.5
22Downe, ShareenWest Green House7
32Downe, ShareenAngry Eagle7.5
32Downe, ShareenWinter Beach7
22Dutton, KerryButterfly Tranquility7.5
22Dutton, KerryThe Early Bird8.5
32Dutton, KerryBrooding8.5
32Dutton, KerryTop Ghia9.5
42Dutton, KerryBus Stop6.5
42Dutton, KerryRed and White Fubuki Dahlia9.5
52Dutton, KerryBursting into Bloom8
52Dutton, KerryLittle Gem8
62Dutton, KerryChicken Dinner7
62Dutton, KerryPin Stripe8
12Ellis, FintanBrixham Harbour8
12Ellis, FintanForest Clearing8
22Ellis, FintanLouise8.5
22Ellis, FintanSupercar Showdown9
32Ellis, FintanCarriage ride in Bruges7.5
32Ellis, FintanDowntown Vegas8.5
42Ellis, FintanBrooklands6
42Ellis, FintanUp the Junction7
11Fieldgate, ColinGreat Crested Grebe Courtship10
11Fieldgate, ColinPuffin With Sand Eels - Final Approach10
21Fieldgate, ColinMeadow Pipit with Beakful9
21Fieldgate, ColinPuffin - Fast and Low8
31Fieldgate, ColinIn the Zone9
31Fieldgate, ColinLeopard (Female, Injured) Kruger8.5
41Fieldgate, ColinAge is just a Number9.5
41Fieldgate, ColinReed Bunting - Looking Back10
51Fieldgate, ColinFlashing By8
51Fieldgate, ColinMeadow Pipit with Caterpillar9.5
61Fieldgate, ColinMo Farah, London Marathon 20189
61Fieldgate, ColinRed Deer Mating8
11Foote , GrahamColonized8.5
11Foote , GrahamIt's My Try8
21Foote , GrahamEvening Surfers8
21Foote , GrahamRunning the Wave8
31Foote , GrahamNose in front at start8.5
31Foote , GrahamTasty7.5
41Foote , GrahamPoppy10
41Foote , GrahamBarbados Man8.5
51Foote , GrahamOne Bird in Flight8.5
51Foote , GrahamOne Musketeer8.5
61Foote , GrahamRebecca10
61Foote , GrahamTriathalon first lap8.5
11Heuchel, GabiMade the corner8
11Heuchel, GabiThe face of summer8.5
21Heuchel, GabiDartmoor Scene7
21Heuchel, GabiPoppies6.5
31Heuchel, GabiGazenia9
31Heuchel, GabiMuggy8
41Heuchel, GabiFrozen8
41Heuchel, GabiHartland Quay9.5
51Heuchel, GabiDead Rose8
51Heuchel, GabiStorm has Passed7.5
61Heuchel, GabiEagle-eyed8
61Heuchel, GabiShipshape?7.5
32Holmes, NigelBlues10
32Holmes, NigelPoppy Flower7.5
42Holmes, NigelBridge over River Derwent6.5
42Holmes, NigelLondon Eye7.5
62Holmes, NigelForce Crag Mine8
62Holmes, NigelIris Reticulata8
12Hutchinson, ChrisRain Man8.5
22Hutchinson, ChrisThe Leaning Tower at San Martino, Burano8
32Hutchinson, ChrisSardines Underwater9
42Hutchinson, ChrisWalking up the Road8
52Hutchinson, ChrisThe Nearer you Stand, the Less you See8
62Hutchinson, ChrisDebbie's Window Ledge9.5
11Lofthouse, Alastair13258.5
11Lofthouse, AlastairOld Stump8.5
21Lofthouse, AlastairColosseum Evening7.5
21Lofthouse, AlastairRiver Cocker, Lake District10
31Lofthouse, AlastairHodge Close Tarn7.5
31Lofthouse, AlastairLulworth Sunrise10
41Lofthouse, AlastairCathedral Light8
41Lofthouse, AlastairCroyde Bay9
51Lofthouse, AlastairFrozen Pond Patterns8
51Lofthouse, AlastairKilve Beach Sunset9
61Lofthouse, AlastairAira Force, Lake District8
61Lofthouse, AlastairKeeping Watch7.5
11Martin, MargaretInto the Green8.5
11Martin, MargaretPoppy Centre9.5
21Martin, MargaretIce Abstract9.5
21Martin, MargaretReichstag Dome10
31Martin, MargaretAutumn Leaves8
31Martin, MargaretRusty Landscape8
41Martin, MargaretTrees8.5
41Martin, MargaretA Taste of Mallorca8.5
61Martin, MargaretOld Boat10
61Martin, MargaretSt Pauls from Millennium Bridge8.5
12Moore, TonyBaywatch9
12Moore, TonyBehind the Mayors House8
32Moore, TonyMonastery8
32Moore, TonyUp and Over8
11Morley, PhilLaugh out loud9.5
11Morley, PhilMans best friend9
21Morley, PhilGot a Light6.5
21Morley, PhilThey are Mine7.5
41Morley, PhilTube Shoes8.5
41Morley, PhilYou're Nicked9.5
11Morris, RitaSilly Billy8.5
11Morris, RitaThe Skull8.5
21Morris, RitaHMS Victory8
21Morris, RitaOctopus Eye8
31Morris, RitaBlue Mussels8
31Morris, RitaZebra Finches Bathing8.5
41Morris, RitaReflections at Dawn8.5
41Morris, RitaSienna Burnet Moth on Greated Knapweed8.5
51Morris, RitaBubbles in the Marsh8
51Morris, RitaPortland Lighthouse8.5
61Morris, RitaGemma7.5
61Morris, RitaTeasel9.5
11Munday, JimBamburgh Sand Dunes8
11Munday, JimConcentration9.5
21Munday, JimChasing Our Shadow9
21Munday, JimWreck of the Helvetia10
31Munday, JimEarth Star Opening8
31Munday, JimPort in a Storm10
41Munday, JimRiders on the Storm9
41Munday, JimThe Clock Tower10
51Munday, JimLepe Dolphins at Dawn8.5
51Munday, JimOtter Cubs Play Fighting8.5
61Munday, JimBanjo Pier, Swanage9.5
61Munday, JimRace Leader9
11Newton, KeithGoing Down, Funicular Railway, Bergen8.5
11Newton, KeithMy Hero9.5
21Newton, KeithShades of Summer7
21Newton, KeithThe Lookout10
31Newton, KeithI have your back8.5
31Newton, KeithInce & Co off Hurst9
41Newton, KeithDemure8.5
41Newton, KeithLaw and Order8.5
51Newton, KeithNight Strollers, Desenzano10
51Newton, KeithRio di San Salvador, Venice8.5
61Newton, KeithGondolas below the Rialto Bridge7
61Newton, KeithReturning to Nature8
11Nicholl, DaveBlack and Yellow Long Horned Beetle9
11Nicholl, DaveSucculent in Flower9.5
21Nicholl, DaveCatching the Evening Light7
21Nicholl, DaveTaking the Bend9.5
31Nicholl, DaveOops I think thats a bit to fast.9
31Nicholl, DaveReflections8
41Nicholl, DaveAll a bit Potty8.5
41Nicholl, DaveLarge Skipper Butterfly10
51Nicholl, DaveGoing Up8
51Nicholl, DaveThey Said I had to Wear it!7
61Nicholl, DaveThe Foreshore10
61Nicholl, DaveThe Tulip9
11Oudkerk, FrederickInto the Mist8.5
11Oudkerk, FrederickNature's Tapestry9.5
21Oudkerk, FrederickMisty Woods8
21Oudkerk, FrederickThe Jetty8.5
31Oudkerk, FrederickFoxy Playtime8
31Oudkerk, FrederickLake View of Cadair Idris7.5
41Oudkerk, FrederickAutumn Fusion8.5
41Oudkerk, FrederickHidden Grief7.5
51Oudkerk, FrederickAutumn Glade8.5
51Oudkerk, FrederickDecaying Hydrangea7
61Oudkerk, FrederickHumber Bridge at Night8
61Oudkerk, FrederickIndustrial Decay7
11Paice, AllanBald Eagle8
11Paice, AllanHello, I'm a Pine Marten10
21Paice, AllanChevy Reflections9
21Paice, AllanOut in Front6.5
31Paice, AllanAny One There?8
31Paice, AllanDown in the Woods7.5
41Paice, AllanHellebore9
41Paice, AllanRobin 'Not on a Stick'9
51Paice, AllanLone Figure7.5
51Paice, AllanOld Stag7
61Paice, AllanIrony7.5
61Paice, AllanSand Bar at Whitstable8.5
12Portsmouth, RolandThree Doors8.5
12Portsmouth, RolandWas it Worth it!8
22Portsmouth, RolandEye7
22Portsmouth, RolandGo Away!7
32Portsmouth, RolandChillin' Out7.5
32Portsmouth, RolandMFA-277.5
52Portsmouth, RolandLittle Drummer Boy7.5
52Portsmouth, RolandSalt Seller8.5
62Portsmouth, RolandDark Door7.5
62Portsmouth, RolandLet's go for a Cuppa8
11Smith, SimonA Window into History8.5
11Smith, SimonRide Baby Ride8.5
21Smith, SimonBosnia, 25 Years on7.5
21Smith, SimonStari Most Bridge, Mostar Bosnia7.5
31Smith, SimonMidnight Yacht7
31Smith, SimonPolaroid Portrait8
41Smith, SimonChicken Wire Window6.5
41Smith, SimonMany Birds on a Stick8.5
51Smith, SimonBlackbushe Airfield During the Beast from the East7
51Smith, SimonCricketers at Minus 58
61Smith, SimonColourful Stranger8.5
61Smith, SimonMare and Foal7
12Spencer, RichardLate Autumn8.5
12Spencer, RichardWind8
22Spencer, RichardBoscastle Harbour8
22Spencer, RichardHold Tight Son9.5
32Spencer, RichardIce Climbing, Norway7.5
32Spencer, RichardllynOgwen, N. Wales8
42Spencer, RichardBoscastle Sunset9.5
42Spencer, RichardMisty Morning in Morocco10
52Spencer, RichardPyg Track, Snowdon9.5
52Spencer, RichardRed Kite8
62Spencer, RichardHell Frozen Over7
62Spencer, RichardHot as Hell8
12Spooner, FrancisChinese Lanterns8
12Spooner, FrancisWaterfall9
12Tatman, PerryAlas10
12Tatman, PerryNorth Greenwich10
22Tatman, PerryAbstract - Solarized10
22Tatman, PerryThe Look8
32Tatman, PerryLong Cast10
32Tatman, PerryThe Loneliness of a Midweek Takeaway7
42Tatman, PerryCamden Punks10
42Tatman, PerryJubilee Outdoor bathing Pool, Penzance5
52Tatman, PerryEnd of Days8
52Tatman, PerryStormy Eastbourne Evening9
62Tatman, PerryCommuterville9.5
62Tatman, PerryCornish Sunset7.5
11Taylor, KeithRose9
11Taylor, KeithSecretary Bird10
21Taylor, KeithCleared for Landing8
21Taylor, KeithWell Played Sir!8.5
31Taylor, KeithJust Padding Along7.5
31Taylor, KeithOrchid Trio7.5
41Taylor, KeithEyes on the Ball8.5
41Taylor, KeithIncinerator Beach8.5
51Taylor, KeithHerring Gull Mewing8.5
51Taylor, KeithYaris World Rally Car in Wales8.5
61Taylor, KeithFootprints in the Snow8
61Taylor, KeithTree & Clouds8
11Trendell, DerekBronze Tail Humming Bird Feeding9.5
11Trendell, DerekSpider Monkey, Costa Rica10
21Trendell, DerekJackass Penguins, Cape Town7.5
21Trendell, DerekLeaping Leopard6.5
51Trendell, DerekCarnival Ghost8
51Trendell, DerekRoman Temple, Tunisia8
61Trendell, DerekBaboon and Young, Masai Mara7.5
61Trendell, DerekToronto Street Scene7.5
12Trice, MartinThe Rift Valley Kenya9
12Trice, MartinTibetan Wonder Yunnan China8.5
22Trice, MartinOut to Dry9
22Trice, MartinThe Workshop, Nairobi6.5
32Trice, MartinBaby Carrier (Burma)7
32Trice, MartinBack Pack Supplies (Nepal)7.5
42Trice, MartinDidcot Sidings6
42Trice, MartinLakeside Lodge, South Africa6.5
12Trigg, JohnProtection and Agression8.5
12Trigg, JohnTaking on Water9.5
21Trigg, JohnOn the Footplate8
21Trigg, JohnEvening Ferry8
31Trigg, JohnNarrow Boat on the Thames7
31Trigg, JohnWhistle Blower7.5
41Trigg, JohnFirst Page9.5
41Trigg, JohnFirst Time on the Ice7.5
51Trigg, JohnAll Aboard7
51Trigg, JohnNew Forest Pony7.5
61Trigg, JohnHonour8.5
61Trigg, JohnWhat am I doing Here?8
12Webb, RuthAutumn8
12Webb, RuthCambodian Monk8.5
32Webb, RuthA View from Nellies Pub, Beverley8
32Webb, RuthTime Out7.5
42Webb, RuthCaught in the Act7
42Webb, RuthMassai8.5
52Webb, RuthDungeness8
52Webb, RuthWhitstable7.5
62Webb, RuthHide and Seek, Uganda9
62Webb, RuthJuggling in Ugandan School9
12Wehrle, AdrianEarly Morning8
12Wehrle, AdrianVision9
22Wehrle, AdrianSunset7.5
11West, AlanAcross Lake Wakatipu to the Remarkables9.5
11West, AlanThe Wellington Cable Car8
31West, AlanClearing the Ruck10
31West, AlanMist Morning in Windsor10
41West, AlanGolden Birdwing on Red Hibiscus9
41West, AlanOvergrown8.5
51West, Alan3 Can't Stop Me10
51West, AlanSide by Side8
61West, AlanGrey Heron in Flight10
61West, AlanSplash it all over7.5