11Baker, GaryShedding some light on the Subjects9
11Baker, GaryYou’re driving me round the Bend10
11Banks, StevePlaza San Francisco, Cadiz9
11Banks, SteveThe Ice Cream Parlour8
11Barrett, SimonThe Escape From Darkness9
11Bryan, FrancisPipe to nowhere – Berlin9
11Bryan, FrancisRough Diamond9.5
11Campbell, ChristineHarmony and Balance10
11Campbell, ChristineWell I have just been Preening9.5
11Dutton, Kerry1940 Willys Coupe9.5
11Dutton, KerryBringing Home The Nectar9
11Fieldgate, ColinLilac Breasted Roller, Madikwe9.5
11Fieldgate, ColinUkranian Air Force Su-27 Flanker9.5
11Foote, GrahamApprehension9
11Foote, GrahamClose Call9
11Heuchel, GabiGreenwich summer 20189
11Heuchel, GabiLight and shadows8.5
11Lofthouse, AlastairButtermere Sunset9.5
11Lofthouse, AlastairLa Veta Night, Colorado8.5
11Martin, MargaretStoksness Iceland10
11Martin, MargaretWind Sculpture8.5
11Morris, RitaDog with Bone8
11Morris, RitaMoon over Yateley Pond7.5
11Munday, JimHearts & Flowers9
11Munday, JimMigrant Hawker Mating Pair9
11Newton, KeithIt’s Showtime9.5
11Newton, KeithSketching Venice9
11Nicholl, DaveCock Pheasant Portrait8.5
11Nicholl, DaveRoesel’s Bush Cricket9.5
11Oudkerk, FrederickThe View Above9
11Oudkerk, FrederickWave Textures10
11Paice, AllanA Preening Heron8
11Paice, AllanRhododendron catching the Sunlight8.5
11Tatman, PerryBrick Lane7.5
11Tatman, PerryPlay8
11Taylor, KeithGreat Crested Grebe with Perch9.5
11Taylor, KeithMeet Fred9
11Trigg, JohnFeeding Frenzy, Wisley9
11Trigg, JohnHorseboarding8.5
11West, AlanKingfisher on Perch9
11West, AlanMayfly on Rock9
12Burns, ChristineThames Contrast8.5
12Burns, ChristineTime Out10
12Cranford, ChristineAutumn Leaves10
12Cranford, ChristineLast Glimpse of the Sun8.5
12Downe, ShareenBusy Bee8
12Downe, ShareenLife on the Edge7.5
12Ellis, FintanDerelict Farm8
12Ellis, FintanGoodwood Racing9
12Jenkins, JohnMilford Mood7.5
12Jenkins, JohnVik Church and Stacks8.5
12Portsmouth, RolandGooing for an Evening Swim8
12Portsmouth, RolandPongle Pattern Maker8
12Smith, SimonRailway Steam9
12Smith, SimonWe have Lift Off7.5
12Spencer, TonyNever Forget10
12Trendell, DerekOne day Old Giraffe9.5
12Trendell, DerekTunisian Market9.5
12Webb, RuthFriendship9
12Webb, RuthOn the Beach7.5
21Baker, GaryMisty Morning Mission9
21Baker, GaryWhite Lily7.5
21Banks, SteveAn Evening Stroll10
21Banks, SteveOn the Steps of the Museum8
21Barrett, SimonAlium Roseum8
21Bryan, FrancisRoad to the Highlands8.5
21Bryan, FrancisView to Kingsclere8.5
21Campbell, ChristineA quiet moment in Sabi Sands7.5
21Campbell, ChristineTriple8
21Dutton, KerryKarmann Ghia Reflection8
21Dutton, KerryLupin-Layers of light7.5
21Fieldgate, ColinHello in Elephant, Madikwe8.5
21Fieldgate, ColinRebecca Waters Wins, Guildford Criterion 20189
21Foote, GrahamSecond Lap Leader8
21Foote, GrahamSmile, Brighteyes9
21Heuchel, GabiBowsprit8
21Heuchel, GabiPoppy Bud8.5
21Lofthouse, AlastairDream Lake Sunrise, Colorado8.5
21Lofthouse, AlastairMisty Morning Sunrise9
21Martin, MargaretDawn Cloud on the top of the Shard7.5
21Martin, MargaretBlack Sand Beach7.5
21Morris, RitaShips on the Thames8.5
21Morris, RitaSunflowers9
21Munday, JimCommon Blue Damselflies Mating8.5
21Munday, JimInto the Blue9
21Newton, KeithBurlesque Dancer8.5
21Newton, KeithMurano Glass Blower7.5
21Nicholl, DaveMale Stonechat10
21Nicholl, DaveWhitehall8
21Oudkerk, FrederickOn My Lonesome8.5
21Oudkerk, FrederickRock Erosion9
21Paice, AllanFun on the Water7.5
21Paice, AllanTo the Rescue7.5
21Tatman, PerryA Study With Apples8
21Tatman, PerryMeadow Flowers9.5
21Taylor, KeithMevagissy Rocks!7.5
21Taylor, KeithYaris Splashing Out8
21Trigg, JohnThe Canal in Winter8.5
21Trigg, JohnBy Candlelight8.5
21West, AlanMarbled Godwit9.5
21West, AlanSunset over the Nile8
22Burns, ChristineA Cold Wet Walk10
22Burns, ChristineBrothers7.5
22Collier, KateTulip with Fly8
22Cranford, ChristineAutumn Mist9.5
22Cranford, ChristineBelle Tout Lighthouse9
22Downe, ShareenHe loves me, he loves me not8.5
22Downe, ShareenMeadow Brown8.5
22Ellis, FintanFootsteps at the Door7
22Holmes, NigelMalltraeth Bay10
22Holmes, NigelTransport Sicilian Style7
22Portsmouth, RolandSmiling Lady8.5
22Portsmouth, RolandWaiting for the Tide7
22Smith, SimonEvening Sail at Frensham9
22Smith, SimonWater trails in the sand8
22Trendell, DerekEvery Face Tells a Story8
22Trendell, DerekReach for the Sky9
22Webb, RuthRepairing the Boat, Uganda7.5
22Webb, RuthYorkshire Dales7.5
31Dutton, Kerry1950 Shoebox9
31West, AlanA bit of a Storm8.5
31Trigg, JohnA Japanese Lady in an English Garden6.5
31Heuchel, GabiAgricultural Patterns7
31Paice, AllanAn Evening's Fishing8.5
31Paice, AllanAutumn7.5
31Lofthouse, AlastairBamburgh Castle Sunrise10
31Tatman, PerryBloom6.5
31Trigg, JohnBradford-on-Avon8.5
31Dutton, KerryCalla Me Orange7.5
31Oudkerk, FrederickCanary Wharf Shopping7
31West, AlanCommon Tern looking for Fish7.5
31Oudkerk, FrederickConcrete Spiral7.5
31Taylor, KeithDawn Silhouette7
31Newton, KeithEarly Autumn on the Basingstoke Canal10
31Fieldgate, ColinFist Pump9
31Bryan, FrancisGaslight Alley8.5
31Campbell, ChristineGetting ready for take-off8
31Munday, JimGibbet Mill9.5
31Martin, MargaretGreenwich Columns8
31Bryan, FrancisHighclere Autumn Colours10
31Heuchel, GabiKestrel8.5
31Munday, JimLover's Tiff9.5
31Newton, KeithMadam Ringmaster9.5
31Morris, RitaMoorhen Chick7.5
31Taylor, KeithOld School10
31Campbell, ChristinePatsy Rodgers, King of Tory Island7.5
31Banks, StevePre-Flight Checks7.5
31Foote, GrahamRelax it's Wine o'Clock7
31Foote, GrahamScandi' Toy Town7.5
31Tatman, PerryShadow7
31Lofthouse, AlastairThornton Force Yorkshire Dales7.5
31Martin, MargaretTree Reflections10
31Fieldgate, ColinWaterhole Stand-off, Madikwe7.5
31Banks, SteveWhispers on the Christmas Tree6
31Morris, RitaWires connecting Clovelly9
31Baker, GaryBlue Tit8
31Baker, GaryThe House at Watersmeet8.5
32Burns, ChristineBeach at Evening10
32Holmes, NigelBlackrock Cottage8
32Cranford, ChristineBodium Castle7.5
32Burns, ChristineCanoes on Basingstoke Canal7
32Smith, SimonDistant Shadow8
32Cranford, ChristineFreesia10
32Webb, RuthMidland Hotel, Morecombe6.5
32Howe, BrianPlayful Polar Bear Brothers9.5
32Downe, ShareenTime for a Spot of Lunch10
32Holmes, NigelTwisting Trees9.5
32Webb, RuthView of Settle7
32Downe, ShareenWaiting for the Turning Tide7.5
32Smith, SimonWild Pacific7.5
32Trendell, DerekZebra, Masai Mara8
32Trendell, DerekVancouver Reflections9
32Portsmouth, RolandHe was wearing Red7.5
32Portsmouth, RolandI am Busy, Honest!7.5
41Trigg, JohnNo Trains Today8
41Newton, KeithLovers Haunts Desenzano10
41Oudkerk, FrederickArtists Impression ICM8.5
41Baker, GaryIlfracombe Boardwalk9.5
41Dutton, KerryReady for the Hop8.5
41Oudkerk, FrederickErosion8
41West, AlanKingfisher with Catch8.5
41Fieldgate, ColinTopside SU-27 Flanker8.5
41Morris, RitaPeacock Feathers9
41Martin, MargaretTwo Views along the Fez River9
41Paice, AllanFrom Subway to Daylight8.5
41Trigg, JohnAt the Window7.5
41Campbell, ChristineDust Dancer8
41Dutton, KerryRed Car to a Ram8
41Newton, KeithPlaying With Fire8
41Campbell, ChristineBengali Woman8
41Taylor, KeithMoor Green7
41Baker, GaryAutumn Colour at the Pantheon, Stourhead8
41Morris, RitaOn Basingstoke Canal8.5
41Taylor, KeithOverstepping the Boundaries8
41Fieldgate, ColinBringing Home Another Catch9.5
41Banks, SteveRasta Dog8
41Bryan, FrancisVestrahorn10
41Banks, SteveHerdwicks on Dartmoor7
41Bryan, FrancisDressed for New York9
41Heuchel, GabiHold on9
41Lofthouse, AlastairBamburgh Sunrise9.5
41Martin, MargaretLooking Up8.5
41West, AlanA Big Splash9.5
41Heuchel, GabiEvening Light at Soto Grande8.5
41Lofthouse, AlastairMountain Stream7.5
42Wehrle, AdrianThe Storm8.5
42Downe, ShareenTiger Moth8
42Portsmouth, RolandMe, my Gran and my Blue Shoes7.5
42Holmes, NigelRiver Etive8.5
42McGann, StevePuppy Training8
42Cranford, ChristineLogs8.5
42Webb, RuthThrough the Letter Box9
42Burns, ChristineSteam Train Detail7.5
42Webb, RuthDead End7.5
42Downe, ShareenAnyone Fancy a Nut8
42Cranford, ChristineJust a Little Nibble9.5
42Holmes, NigelChilean Pine7
42Trendell, DerekWorm's Eye View, South Africa7.5
42McGann, SteveLady in Black10
42Collier, KateRock Paper Scissors8
42Trendell, DerekKilling in the Rain, Masai Mara10
42Portsmouth, RolandWindow7.5
42Burns, ChristineCity Shapes9
42Smith, SimonLife Down the Tube8
42Wehrle, AdrianCalm Before the Storm10
51Bryan, FrancisAll to Myself10
51Campbell, ChristineAn Indian Man9.5
51Lofthouse, AlastairAspens in the Fall9
51Dutton, KerryBattle Ready Willys8
51Paice, AllanBeach Huts, Whitstable.7.5
51Campbell, ChristineBeware8.5
51Heuchel, GabiBlooming Odd7.5
51Fieldgate, ColinComing in to Land10
51Trigg, JohnCottage in the Wood8.5
51Dutton, KerryDeep Blue Eye8
51Oudkerk, FrederickDocklands Reflections8.5
51Oudkerk, FrederickFairfield Church, Rye7.5
51Taylor, KeithHappy Pills8
51Trigg, JohnIt Must be Christmas8
51Munday, JimLittle Egret Preening10
51Lofthouse, AlastairMonument Valley Sunrise8
51Heuchel, GabiPatterns in the Sand8.5
51Taylor, KeithRider Down9
51Foote, GrahamSnake Hunter8.5
51Morris, RitaSun Light9.5
51Morris, RitaThe Alpha Lima Armillary Sphere8
51Banks, SteveThe Blessing10
51Paice, AllanThe Hive, Kew Gardens7.5
51Newton, KeithThe Juggler8
51Banks, SteveThe Sacred Pool, Amritsar10
51Bryan, FrancisToday’s Instagram7.5
51Newton, KeithTourists in the Fog, Venice9.5
51Foote, GrahamTrain Driver, Watercress Line9
51Fieldgate, ColinWhite Rhinos Waiting, Madikwe9.5
51West, AlanMid Air Manouvers10
51West, AlanThe Waves Crash In10
51Baker, GaryLooking for a Mate8.5
51Baker, GaryDragging the Knee10
51Martin, MargaretPottery8.5
51Martin, MargaretChefchowan Alleyway10
52Portsmouth, RolandBoris Bikes?8.5
52Howe, BrianBy a Waterfall9.5
52Trendell, DerekGentoo Penguins8
52Portsmouth, RolandIndian Market Stall8.5
52Howe, BrianJamnik Sunrise10
52Colclough, MattMiniature Tide7.5
52Cranford, ChristineMorning Mist on the Canal9.5
52Trendell, DerekMother and Cub9
52Webb, RuthOblivious to the Onlookers8
52Smith, SimonOregon Mountain in the Style of Ansell Adams8.5
52Downe, ShareenPretty in Pink8
52Smith, SimonRandom Street Portrait Winchester8
52Downe, ShareenShhh… Nap Time8
52Cranford, ChristineSteamy Window10
52Colclough, MattThe Girl in Red9
52Webb, RuthWedding from Afar8
61Dutton, Kerry64 Chevy C107
61Taylor, KeithA Face in the Smoke7
61Bryan, FrancisBluebell up Close8
61Taylor, KeithBMX Racer9
61Dutton, KerryBusy Bee8
61West, AlanChaffinch in Flight7
61Oudkerk, FrederickDASSULT Mirage 2000D8
61Fieldgate, ColinDavid Weir, London 20187
61Trigg, JohnFixing the Roof6
61Morris, RitaGateway to Another World6
61Baker, GaryG-EWIZ that's close!8
61Paice, AllanHere Comes the Ferns8
61Fieldgate, ColinKing of Beasts10
61West, AlanLost in the Waves8
61Paice, AllanLucky Dip8
61Campbell, ChristineMacaque Monkey6
61Newton, KeithOut of the Bush8
61Munday, JimRoughting Linn10
61Newton, KeithSan Marco7
61Baker, GarySebastian Priaulx, Formula 4 Race, Thruxton8
61Banks, SteveSleeping Dog7
61Morris, RitaSouthsea Lighthouse7
61Foote, GrahamSpring Clematis7
61Trigg, JohnTable for One6
61Munday, JimTaking a Pounding10
61Bryan, FrancisThe Glance5
61Banks, SteveThe Necklace-maker's Daughter8
61Campbell, ChristineTwo Indian Kids7
61Foote, GrahamWatercress Line Driver8
61Oudkerk, FrederickWreck off Camber Sands7
61Martin, MargaretAutumn Morning9
61Lofthouse, AlastairHeading Out7
61Martin, MargaretMoroccan Alleyway9
61Lofthouse, AlastairA Starry Yorkshire Night10
62Webb, RuthA Rainy Day7
62Colclough, MattA Sudden Shower6
62Colclough, MattAll the Money in the World6
62Trendell, DerekCanterbury Cathedral Roof7
62Burns, ChristineGentle Waters10
62Trendell, DerekGentoo Penguins Preening8
62Downe, ShareenJust one Slice6
62Portsmouth, RolandShe’s not heavy, she’s my sister6
62Burns, ChristineStairway - Tate Modern7
62Webb, RuthStreet Seller in Sapa9
62Smith, SimonSvetlana of Waterloo8
62Portsmouth, RolandTaxi Rank 907
62Smith, SimonWalking and Texting7
62Cranford, ChristineBodiam Castle Perspective6
62Cranford, ChristineBlooming Lovely7
62Howe, BrianHartland Quay10
62Howe, BrianSlovenian Sunset8