1Harrison, JohnMouldy but beautiful6.5
1Roberts, RickAlert8
1Webb, RuthLions in national park Uganda6.5
1Webb, RuthElephants crossing Uganda 20187.5
1Bryan, FrancisProtecting its New Born8
1Wheeler, RichardFinal Approach9
1Campbell, ChristineHarbour seal9.5
1Treen, MalcolmA White Admiral on a splash of colour7
1Paice, AllanFood for the Chicks8.5
1Oudkerk, FrederickFour-spotted Chaser9.5
1Treen, MalcolmFrederick7.5
1Taylor, KeithA nursery of Racoons7.5
1Newton, KeithLittle Egret stalking bait fish, Porta Pollenca, Mallorca9.5
1Ward, RonOtter family relaxing7.5
1Smith, SimonSmith Rock Canyon Oregon8.5
1Munday, JimCommon Darter at Rest8
1Harrison, JohnRobin's pin cushion (rose bedeguar gall)7
1Roberts, RickWeed9.5
1Lofthouse, AlastairMountain Goat , Colorado9
1Bryan, FrancisStampeding Icelandic horses10
1Foote, GrahamMy Family8.5
1Wheeler, RichardLook Lads Its Down There9
1Dutton, KerrySitting pretty,9
1Campbell, ChristineCollecting Nesting Material9.5
1Foote, GrahamWorth Two in a Bush8.5
1Howe, BrianSanta Maddalena10
1Nicholl, DaveCasqued Headed Lizards8
1Morris, RitaYukka flower7.5
1Nicholl, DaveRed Eyed Tree Frog8.5
1Heuchel, GabiTrap8
1Heuchel, GabiMute swan9
1Taylor, KeithSpiders Webs7.5
1Newton, KeithCormorant with Bait Fish, Porta Pollence, Mallorca7.5
1Morris, RitaCactus flower8.5
1Oudkerk, FrederickAncient Wood9
1West, AlanForsters Tern after a dive8.5
1West, AlanLow Flying Willet8.5
1Dutton, KerryPassion flower7.5
1Howe, BrianSunset at Milford Sound10
2Howe, BrianSwanage Old Pier10
2Morris, RitaAbandoned building8
2Heuchel, GabiIn need of oil8.5
2Roberts, RickAbandoned8.5
2Oudkerk, FredNature Reclaims7.5
2Campbell, ChristineAbandonned to sheep and tourists, St Kilda8.5
2Payne, MaryIn Dry Dock8.5
2Downe, ShareenAbandoned Greenhouse.jpg9
2Taylor, KeithGreenhouse8
2Webb, RuthSalami Manufacturers Bradford8
2Howe, BrianKolmanskuppe10
2Ward, RonSeen a better day7.5
2Lofthouse, Alastair LRPSAbandoned Bar, Colorado7.5
2Morris, RitaAbandoned bicycle8
2Heuchel, GabiSunday School8.5
2Newton, Keith LRPSAbandoned8.5
2Ward, RonAbandoned8.5
2Lofthouse, Alastair LRPSOld Jetty St Marys Northumberland9
2Roberts, RickFalling Down8.5
2Bryan, FrancisHampshire WW2 tank defences8.5
2Foote, GrahamAbandoned9.5
2Smith, SimonStolen and burnt8.5
2Munday, JimThe Church in the Woods8.5
2Paice, AllanAbandoned8
2Smith, SimonNumber 5298.5
2Oudkerk, FrederickOld Water Mill8
2Payne, MaryPre-Loved Van7.5