1Smith, SimonBeyond Nob Hill8
1Holmes, NigelCaernarfon Castle8.5
1Oudkerk, FrederickClock Tower, St Pancras Station8.5
1Bryan, FrancisCommunications Tower Interference9
1Heuchel, GabiIronbridge Cooling Towers9
1Paice, AllanKing John's Castle7
1Nicholl, DavePalace of Westminster from Westminster Abbey9.5
1Morris, RitaPylons8
1Taylor, KeithReflection & Distortions10
1Munday, JimRoker Lighthouse Tower10
1Lofthouse, AlastairSuspension Bridge Tower, Colorado9
1Munday, JimThe Clock Tower10
1Campbell, ChristineTower Bridge Ballerina7.5
1Lofthouse, AlastairTurret Arch, Utah9
1Smith, SimonWilders Folly Photographer7.5
1Payne, VicBlack Capped Tower (France)8
1Newton, KeithRamparts of Alcudia7
2Munday, JimArriving for the Tall Ships Races9
2Downe, ShareenBride and Bridesmaids8.5
2Newton, KeithCanal Reflections9.5
2Foote, GrahamCornish Kite Man, Trevose7.5
2Bryan, FrancisEvening Skies8
2Taylor, KeithFast Car, Slow Shutter9
2Newton, KeithFrom the Walls of Alcudia8
2Paice, AllanInto the Light8
2Bryan, FrancisIt’s Time to Dance9
2Munday, JimLeafcutter Bee Nestbuilding10
2Dutton, KerryPumpkins and Roses9.5
2Morris, RitaRoman Centurion7
2Oudkerk, FrederickRusting Sheet Pile Textures10
2West, AlanShould I Let Go7.5
2Dutton, KerrySplit Beetle9
2Taylor, KeithStained Glass8
2West, AlanThe Red Arrows8
2Foote, GrahamThree Little Fishes8.5