11Martin, MargaretReady to go10
11Campbell, ChristineNo matter the weather the fishing fleet must go7.5
11Heuchel, GabiRosechafer9.5
11Roberts, RickGetting to the Point8.5
11Bryan, FrancisHarland Sunset9
11Oudkerk, FrederickRust8
11Munday, JimCornering Hard at Thruxton9.5
11Foote, GrahamThe Start8.5
11Taylor, KeithBMX Racer10
11Nicholl, DaveFemale Broadbodied Chaser at Rest8.5
11Baker, GarySt Michael's Mount8.5
11Banks, SteveConservation8
11Heuchel, GabiHarbour entrance8
11Oudkerk, FrederickDocklands View9
11Fieldgate, ColinMale Lion, Madikwe8.5
11Wehrle, AdrianLondon Eye at sunrise8
11Lofthouse, AlastairEarly Morning at Derwent Water8.5
11West, AlanHaving a Stretch8.5
11Roberts, RickFancy a Swim8.5
11Morley, PhilFishing cove,Cornwal7.5
11Lofthouse, AlastairLittle Waterfalls8
11Taylor, KeithWide Blue Yonder8
11Newton, KeithChasing Thermals8.5
11Campbell, ChristineGannet8
11Bryan, FrancisEarly morning light8.5
11Banks, Steve24 Foot Wind Tunnel, Farnborough10
11Newton, KeithShowtime Banter9
11Foote, GrahamOn Stage in 2 Minutes10
11Martin, MargaretTriangles7
11Munday, JimMale Migrant Hawker9.5
11Barrett, SimonBuck in the lake8.5
11Nicholl, DaveTrendy Footwear8.5
11West, AlanSilohette of a Mayfly8
11Morley, PhilThe Family7.5
11Wehrle, AdrianPhoto Finish9
11Baker, GaryGo Pink Racing!10
11Fieldgate, ColinRacer9.5
12Downe, ShareenClovelly7.5
12Kensett, ClaudeBrisbane at Night8
12Rosambeau, PeterIce Warriors8
12Jenkins, JohnPaps of Jura8
12Wheeler, RichardWhite Lilies8.5
12Morris, RitaPineapple flower8.5
12Treen, MalcolmCan I help you?7.5
12Tatman, PerryTea Please8
12Cranford, ChristineAlone7
12Trendell, DerekElephant Seals Fighting, Falkland Islands8.5
12Harrison, JohnListen carefully I shall say this only once!8
12Rosambeau, PeterI don't give a hoot for Specsavers9
12Hutchinson, ChrisTelephone Conversation No.310
12Burns, ChristineColour - Reflections8.5
12Wheeler, RichardWould anyone like a Pigeon7
12Harrison, JohnSchools out in Jaipur9
12Downe, ShareenKiss me quick7.5
12Holmes, NigelGlen Etive7.5
12Jenkins, JohnThe Causeway Portmadoc7.5
12Johnson, AlexFifth Leg7
12Dutton, KerryIts a bugs life9
12Kensett, ClaudePlaya del Lastre, Costa Blanca7
12Webb, RuthShard7.5
12Morris, RitaSteam train8
12Harris, RobertFlamenco10
12Paice, AllanTime to fly5
12Holmes, NigelShell Motor Spirit8
12Harris, RobertDog Fight10
12Johnson, AlexWhat's Going on?5
12Smith, SimonWhy are you still sitting there?10
12Chapman, CarolynSouthbank Biker8.5
12Trigg, EdnaDerelict Watermill7
12Trendell, DerekGentoo Penguin Beaching10
12Hutchinson, ChrisTwo Feet Deep9.5
12Webb, RuthPaws for a moment9.5
12Treen, MalcolmFollow me8
12Tatman, PerryDe Bohun Castle8
12Pullar, CharlesGhost spider with lunch8
12Dutton, KerryLooking over my shoulder9
12Cranford, ChristineCommunication8.5
12Smith, SimonSeems easy enough6
12Paice, AllanFood time7.5
12Pullar, CharlesMother and Son7
12Burns, ChristineWatercress Line8
21Lofthouse, AlastairBlea Tarn sunrise8
21Baker, GaryMisty morning mating call9
21Oudkerk, FrederickInto the Mist8.5
21Heuchel, GabiDriftwood monster7.5
21Roberts, RickFlower Power9.5
21Martin, MargaretIce8.5
21Campbell, ChristineThe endangered Southern Ground Hornbill, Sabi Sands7.5
21Fieldgate, ColinAmbushed8
21Oudkerk, FrederickHarbour Relics8
21Nicholl, DaveAt Full Gallop8
21Munday, JimFemale Orange-Tip on Seed Head8
21Roberts, RickI Know You're There7.5
21Banks, SteveDistillery Reflections8.5
21Munday, JimJamie Sharp Formula 4 Championship8
21Lofthouse, AlastairSpout Force Lake District10
21Taylor, KeithRed Bull Gives You Wings9
21Heuchel, GabiRound the bend7.5
21Barrett, SimonBridge House, Ambleside7.5
21West, AlanSpitfire RIAT 2018 Fairford8
21Campbell, ChristinePreparing the musket8.5
21Taylor, KeithSunset Landing7.5
21Fieldgate, ColinIn It to Win It8.5
21Baker, GaryKingfisher10
21Bryan, FrancisPale Waves8
21Newton, KeithLoco No 925 in steam8
21Foote, GrahamWing Walkies8
21Nicholl, DaveSpeckled Bush Cricket8.5
21Banks, SteveRooftops of Cadiz8.5
21Martin, MargaretCanary Wharf10
21Bryan, FrancisHexagonal basalt after sundown8.5
21Newton, KeithIt's all in the eyes8.5
21Foote, GrahamWise One9.5
21West, AlanLarge White8
22Shadrake, RoyShoreditch Ladies8
22Kensett, ClaudeLow Tide7.5
22Trendell, DerekWildebeest Crossing River8
22Wheeler, RichardA day out at the seaside9
22Chapman, CarolynPoppy Field7.5
22Hutchinson, ChrisShelfie8.5
22Treen, MalcolmGlass balloons7
22Wheeler, RichardSailing in Corfu7.5
22Rosambeau, PeterThe Italian Fountain , Hever Castle8
22Johnson, AlexWinsor Waterfountain7.5
22Harris, RobertE Type8
22Harrison, JohnReflections in Gdansk8.5
22Cranford, ChristineSunlight through the mist9.5
22Rosambeau, PeterBird in Hand7.5
22Webb, RuthJuggling in Uganda8.5
22Chapman, CarolynFungi8
22Pullar, CharlesForest Imp8
22Johnson, AlexHard days work8
22Paice, AllanJust in front8.5
22Tatman, PerryMolly10
22Hutchinson, ChrisAustralian Pasport Photo8.5
22Trendell, DerekSilvery Grebe, Falkland Islands8.5
22Harrison, JohnPlastic recycling the Indian way7.5
22Pullar, CharlesThe Big Unn7.5
22Cranford, ChristineIt may be time to move8.5
22Webb, RuthA Big Hand for the Kids9
22Trigg, EdnaLocks at Caen Hil7.5
22Smith, SimonGI at rest 19448.5
22Downe, ShareenDahlia8
22Morris, RitaShy Girl9
22Holmes, NigelGone to Lunch8.5
22Harris, RobertBarn storming7.5
22Dutton, Kerry1930 Ford8
22Burns, ChristineConcrete Jungle9
22Kensett, ClaudeEarly Morning, Ullswater9.5
22Treen, MalcolmMirror,mirror7.5
22Ward, RonLest We Forget7.5
22Colclough, MattSummer is Over7.5
22Tatman, PerryOooh Ello!8.5
22Trigg, EdnaSparrow Hawk with kill8.5
22Greenwood, AndrewBees Knees8.5
22Shadrake, Royi360-Brighton9
22Downe, ShareenA Promise Honoured8
22Morris, RitaPurple water lily8
22Holmes, NigelAlstroemeria8
22Greenwood, AndrewGrange Over Sands7.5
22Paice, AllanPeek a Boo.8
22Colclough, MattThe Speed of Stillness8.5
22Ward, RonThat evens things up a bit8
22Smith, SimonBe carefull7.5
22Dutton, KerryBlooming Marvelous9
22Burns, ChristineTaking a Break8
31Baker, GaryPortland Sunset8
31Baker, GaryTime for a Dip9
31Banks, SteveLooking for Customers7.5
31Banks, SteveWaddeston Manor8.5
31Barrett, SimonSearching for Acorns10
31Bryan, FrancisBerlin Punks9
31Bryan, FrancisLone Birch10
31Campbell, ChristineDance Macabre8
31Campbell, ChristineWild Dogs Dinner8.5
31Fieldgate, ColinTeeth of a Predator - Wild Dog, Madikwe (South Africa)8.5
31Fieldgate, ColinLightning II (F35) Reheat, RIAT 201810
31Foote, GrahamNo 78 Cornering9
31Foote, GrahamYou Looking at Me9.5
31Heuchel, GabiEvening customer for back and sides8.5
31Heuchel, GabiDusty harvest8.5
31Lofthouse, AlastairMill Lane9
31Lofthouse, AlastairMonument Valley Sunset9
31Martin, MargaretStaircase, Queen's House10
31Martin, MargaretCraigallachie reserve8.5
31Munday, JimEast Lyn River Cascade9
31Munday, JimLinnet with Fly9.5
31Newton, KeithAnother Desenzano Night Stoller9
31Newton, KeithIt's all in the eyes7.5
31Nicholl, DaveCuckoo with Attitude9
31Nicholl, DaveYemans Chameleon Shedding8.5
31Oudkerk, FrederickNatural Form and Textures8
31Oudkerk, FrederickRiver Clwyd, Betws-y-Coed8.5
31Roberts, RickThe Last of Autumn7.5
31Roberts, RickProud8.5
31Taylor, KeithNo Pain No gain7.5
31Taylor, KeithKittywake9
31West, AlanLove Birds8.5
31West, AlanCalifornian Sea Otter7.5
32Burns, ChristineRemembrance8.5
32Burns, ChristineOut and About7.5
32Cranford, ChristineHaving Fun9
32Cranford, ChristineThe Old Barn8.5
32Cranford, EdwardA nice view7.5
32Cranford, EdwardMoonrise over Paignton9
32Downe, ShareenWhat do you mean I'm going bald10
32Downe, ShareenFun in the sun8.5
32Dutton, KerryThe joys of autumn.10
32Dutton, KerryIn the spot light9
32Greenwood, AndrewForgotten tandem7.5
32Greenwood, AndrewFive Loves8
32Harris, RobertEtaples,France8
32Harris, RobertIn the autumn of our lives7.5
32Harrison, JohnScary cat8.5
32Harrison, JohnThe Balloon seller7.5
32Holmes, NigelNature Reclaims9
32Holmes, NigelStromboli Eruption8.5
32Howe, BrianThe Blue Room9
32Howe, BrianMonte Paterno10
32Hutchinson, ChrisAcme Convenience Table Mark 18.5
32Hutchinson, ChrisDebbie's Reflections 20189
32Johnson, AlexThe Jump7
32Johnson, AlexBig Bang7
32Kensett, ClaudeMeisen Crafter9
32Kensett, ClaudeScafells from Buckburrow9.5
32Morris, RitaHo Ho Yo! Merry Christmas.7
32Morris, RitaReflections9
32Paice, AllanBallet Dancers10
32Paice, AllanNot Very Poplar.8
32Payne, MaryCycling in the Woods8.5
32Pullar, CharlesNgauruhoe8
32Pullar, CharlesThe Iron Duke7.5
32Rosambeau, PeterGarden Visitor8.5
32Rosambeau, PeterPainting the Clouds9.5
32Shadrake, RoyRemember the Summer9
32Shadrake, RoyWest Pier - Brighton9.5
32Smith, SimonStreet Portrait Winchester8.5
32Smith, SimonFireworks over hawley lake9
32Tatman, PerryNight Castle9.5
32Tatman, PerrySleeper9.5
32Treen, MalcolmAre you sure that is the sat nav7.5
32Treen, MalcolmNow we're in trouble8
32Trendell, DerekCrested Caracra Falkland Islands8.5
32Trendell, DerekElephat Seal Fight, Falkland Island9
32Trigg, EdnaReflections8.5
32Trigg, EdnaSquirrel with Chestnut8.5
32Ward, RonSmile8.5
32Webb, RuthA moment in time7.5
32Webb, RuthBradford water park7.5
32Wheeler, RichardI'll just get a bit more pollen9
32Wheeler, RichardStation Approach10
41Foote, GrahamBIKER 9508.5
41Fieldgate, ColinF-16 MLU, Belgian Air Force, RIAT 20189
41Martin, MargaretJohnson's Corner8
41Munday, JimGodwit in Evening Sun7
41Oudkerk, FrederickMisty Wood7.5
41Roberts, RickIt's Easy, Turn Left and Follow the Signs7.5
41Taylor, KeithSquirrel in the Snow9
41Heuchel, GabiFlying high8
41Campbell, ChristineBlack Spleenwort7.5
41West, AlanThe Entertainer10
41Taylor, KeithRallycross Ford Fiesta8.5
41Newton, Keith24 Foot Windtunnel, Farnborough8
41Martin, MargaretTate and Lyle at dawn9.5
41Banks, SteveWe Shall Not Forget Them8
41Lofthouse, AlastairSt Marys Lighthouse Northumberland10
41Heuchel, GabiKing's Cross9
41Campbell, ChristineLondon Bound9.5
41Fieldgate, ColinWild Elephant, Madikwe9
41Carpenter, SteveHome from home'8
41Bryan, FrancisMissed the Last Train Home7.5
41Newton, KeithIt's a dog's life at Christmas7
41Oudkerk, FrederickBayley Lane, Covertry7.5
41Banks, SteveAnticipation7.5
41Munday, JimUpper Fall at Low Force8.5
41Baker, GaryThe Hunt Begins8.5
41Bryan, FrancisBrexit Alchemy7.5
41Roberts, RickMystery8.5
41Foote, GrahamNice to be Home7.5
41Lofthouse, AlastairChurch Cove Cornwall7.5
41West, AlanRouse8.5
41Carpenter, SteveA head start'7
41Baker, GaryLynmouth Beachscape8.5
42Downe, ShareenPoppy9
42Wheeler, RichardDreaming of Summer8.5
42Webb, RuthReflections7.5
42Harrison, JohnRainy reflections7.5
42Howe, BrianThe Black Church10
42Trigg, EdnaTime for a Drink7
42Hutchinson, ChrisNatasha at Her Place8
42Cranford, EdwardCoastal erosion10
42Morris, RitaSunset over saltpan7
42Trendell, DerekEarly Morning crossing8.5
42Harrison, JohnStormy weather Saunton sands9
42Johnson, AlexFast Water9
42Harris, RobertSpainish Folly8
42Webb, RuthSun going down7.5
42Paice, AllanIt's behind you7.5
42Chapman, CarolynSummer Meadow'9.5
42Kensett, ClaudeUllswater Morning9.5
42Cranford, ChristineBarmouth Bridge9
42Howe, BrianIcelandic Horses10
42Wheeler, RichardA Divine Sunset8
42Hutchinson, ChrisWalking with Cranes7.5
42Cranford, ChristineThe Lamppost8.5
42Greenwood, AndrewBirling Gap Beach January 20197.5
42Ward, RonWells9
42Trendell, DerekLilac Breasted Roller9.5
42Morris, RitaTanker in rough seas8
42Chapman, CarolynRock Climbing'7.5
42Holmes, NigelSummerhouse At The Vyne8.5
42Johnson, AlexWaterfall8.5
42Trigg, EdnaAutumn Light7
42Burns, ChristineCastle Over The Vltava8
42Ward, RonShrouds of Somme8.5
42Dutton, KerryAnt house10
42Pullar, CharlesBurano Washday Blues'8
42Cranford, EdwardHong Kong night light9
42Smith, SimonLadies of the Drag Hunt7.5
42Payne, MaryTuscan Vineyards8.5
42Smith, SimonMidNight Kebab man7.5
42Greenwood, AndrewBeach pool Sussex8.5
42Harris, RobertMemories in steel8
42Kensett, ClaudeLa Manga Resort8.5
42Downe, ShareenGrey day at the harbour7.5
42Paice, AllanIce Breaker9
42Colclough, MattSanitary'7.5
42Burns, ChristineGeneration Gap8
42Payne, VicItalian Basilica7.5
42Payne, VicModern Architecture, Valencia8
42Dutton, KerryAustin9
42Pullar, CharlesSelfie Girls8.5
42Payne, MaryFramed in the Park7
51Oudkerk, FrederickRough Seas8.5
51Roberts, RickGuard Dog8.5
51Heuchel, GabiNo time for a coffee, mate7.5
51Taylor, KeithFlying Beetle10
51Roberts, RickThose Were The Days9
51Foote, GrahamHovering Hawk10
51Martin, MargaretFrom the churchyard8
51Banks, SteveAbout to Leave the Train8
51Munday, JimView Towards Low Force10
51Campbell, ChristineCheck this out9
51Bryan, FrancisSo where is the hay10
51Lofthouse, AlastairSpeke Mill Waterfall, North Devon8.5
51West, AlanJump9.5
51Heuchel, GabiAbstract9.5
51Oudkerk, FrederickOut of Service8.5
51Newton, KeithSo that's where I dropped my spanner8
51Campbell, ChristineChildish contemplation9
51Taylor, KeithButterfly on Flower8.5
51Bryan, FrancisImperfection9
51Foote, GrahamIts Been a Hard Day8
51Newton, KeithBesotho Tribesman and his dog7.5
51Baker, GaryTough Mudder- A very tyreing competition...8
51Banks, SteveMaybe not a good time to Cross7.5
51Munday, JimPortrait of an Otter9.5
51Martin, MargaretNumber 2 and number 18
51Fieldgate, ColinDown in One9
51West, AlanThe Juggler9.5
51Lofthouse, AlastairSure You Know The Way8
51Fieldgate, ColinMind if I Join You, Madikwe10
51Baker, GaryClio Cup- 45 Zelos9
52Harrison, JohnCount your blessings9
52Trendell, DerekVelodrome Race9.5
52Johnson, AlexHow cold is it8.5
52Howe, BrianDunstanburgh Dawn10
52Treen, MalcolmA fine pair of knockers'8
52Hutchinson, ChrisJulia at Clevedon7.5
52Jenkins, JohnTenby Old Station9
52Morris, RitaBridges Hayling Island9.5
52Ward, RonCute8
52Downe, ShareenHorsing Around9
52Downe, ShareenPatrick Star9
52Burns, ChristineSo It's Like This'8.5
52Jenkins, JohnPolperro Wheel8.5
52Paice, AllanHigh Kite Flyer8
52Dutton, KerryA diffirent angle of a VW beetle8.5
52Trendell, DerekThe Scream8
52Smith, SimonYateley in December7.5
52Kensett, ClaudeBeach Strollers9.5
52Wheeler, RichardFolds of Orange9
52Greenwood, AndrewBlowing in the Wind9.5
52Greenwood, AndrewWinter Walk at Burling Gap10
52Treen, MalcolmThat is not my birthday card'7.5
52Cranford, ChristineLast glimpse of the sun9.5
52Smith, SimonOther Peoples Art9
52Hutchinson, ChrisIn a Hurry9
52Johnson, Alexwhat u looking at7
52Wheeler, RichardWatching the Sun Go Down9.5
52Trigg, EdnaPaddling down the River7.5
52Ward, RonBest foot forward9
52Colclough, MattWell, it's MOSTLY stopped leaking...'8
52Cranford, ChristineHydrangea8.5
52Pullar, CharlesEl Acecho7.5
52Howe, BrianDeadvlei10
52Harris, RobertGroom in Thought7.5
52Harris, Robertipod fun9.5
52Paice, AllanColours In Clear Plastic9.5
52Morris, Rita3 empty benches8
52Burns, ChristineGuggenheim8
52Dutton, KerryPush bike paraphanalia10
52Colclough, MattMoment of Impact8.5
52Trigg, EdnaChaffinch7.5
52Pullar, CharlesLady with Parasol7.5
52Harrison, JohnPressure salesman Indian style7.5
52Kensett, ClaudeFrauenkirche Dome, Dresden8
61Heuchel, GabiDaisies8.5
61Oudkerk, FrederickCatch the Light7
61Lofthouse, AlastairHonister Pass7.5
61Taylor, KeithUnion of South Africa10
61Newton, KeithAutumn Reflections8
61Campbell, ChristineRain dance9.5
61Newton, KeithZulu8.5
61Roberts, RickReeds8
61Martin, MargaretYarn dyers7.5
61Heuchel, GabiChildren in the hive at Kew9
61Martin, MargaretA different view of Fez10
61Foote, GrahamAlbino Aligator Everglades8.5
61Taylor, KeithGreenbottle10
61Fieldgate, ColinEcstatic9.5
61Banks, SteveThe Golden Temple, Amritsar8.5
61Campbell, ChristineErin8
61West, AlanResting Bullfinch8.5
61Bryan, FrancisPrimrose7
61Baker, GaryNarrowly avoiding a trip to Davy Jones' Locker!8
61Bryan, FrancisWaiting for the Butcher8.5
61Roberts, RickElm Tree House7
61West, AlanSanderling on the run8.5
61Foote, GrahamTourists Escape8
61Oudkerk, FrederickInto the Woods8.5
61Fieldgate, ColinStrike a Pose, Madikwe8.5
61Banks, StevePeeling Onions9.5
61Lofthouse, AlastairMullion Cove after the storm10
61Baker, GaryJunior British Touring Car Championship, 95 Ben O'Hare9.5
62Hutchinson, ChrisDejeuner non sur les Herbes8
62Treen, MalcolmStrangers!7
62Wheeler, RichardStarburst Over Mount Teide8
62Cranford, ChristineEvening High Tide9.5
62Downe, ShareenSpring has sprung7.5
62Howe, BrianRed-Eyed Tree Frog9.5
62Downe, ShareenPicture within a picture7.5
62Trendell, DerekGreeting The Dawn9
62Hutchinson, ChrisBeata's new stockings8
62Harris, RobertSmart Children9.5
62Treen, MalcolmHave you got the umbrella7.5
62Kensett, ClaudeWasdale View8.5
62Paice, AllanSparkling Mustang7.5
62Pullar, CharlesWoodland Dwellings8.5
62Morris, RitaHow many does it take7
62Cranford, ChristineThe Lane beside the River, Dolgellau8.5
62Greenwood, AndrewShe Knows that I go ballooning8.5
62Greenwood, AndrewRide of the Valkarie8.5
62Trendell, DerekEarly Morning Drink10
62Smith, SimonBy the Purple Door7.5
62Paice, AllanOyster Beds and Sea Forts8
62Johnson, AlexThis my space7.5
62Trigg, EdnaWater Plants8.5
62Wheeler, RichardDon't Miss the Sunset10
62Holmes, NigelJurassic Coast8
62Colclough, MattDinner is Served9
62Ward, RonDeep in thought7.5
62Harris, RobertPhantom Windsurfer7.5
62Smith, SimonCool dude reading a book8.5
62Howe, BrianSunrise over Slovenia10
62Burns, ChristineTwo of a Kind8.5
62Holmes, NigelBleak House8
62Trigg, EdnaSpringtime8
62Pullar, CharlesEvil Eyes9.5
62Morris, RitaOf course I locked the gate8
62Colclough, MattFluid Dynamics7.5
62Dutton, KerryPink Chrysler9
62Dutton, KerrySmoking Hot9.5
62Burns, ChristineDiversity8
62Ward, RonWay In7
62Johnson, AlexTube to Kennington8.5